Owner, Founder

B.S Health & Wellness

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

IIN Holistic Health Coach

Precision Nutrition Coach

Chris Nardoni approaches every client interaction with a holistic viewpoint, drawing from several facets of his vast training background and education.  Former Fitness Manager at  Equinox Fitness Club and seasoned veteran in the fitness industry, Chris has been coaching people to peak condition for over fifteen years.  A former NCAA athlete and champion body builder himself, Chris has gone on to also earn his certification in Precision Nutrition and Institute for Intergrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coaching. 

Chris uses a comprehensive, systematic approach to craft a customized plan for each of his clients.  He has helped hundreds of people obtain the physical results they seek, but his greatest accomplishment is the depth of the impact he leaves on others through educating and empowering them to take control of their health and fitness.

Chris lives his passion for fitness and wellness through his work as a food justice advocate, while helping others to develop environmental awareness. By embracing corrective exercise he has healed injuries and prevented imbalances that have enabled him to live at a high level of physical function that he teaches and shares in his progrmas with all clients.  He enjoys traveling, hiking, riding his motorcycle, and cooking.


"Chris changed my life. He taught me strength training, conditioning and nutrition. I lost 50lbs working with him and added tons of strength and became well-conditioned. I also consider him a friend."

Geoff / Fifth Third Securities / Managing Director

"Chris is professional, dedicated, and passionate about helping clients achieve their goals. With Chris's help and expertise, I was able to EXCEED my health and fitness goals! He has coached and guided me to improving my overall approach to nutrition, exercise, health, and overall well being."

Resa / RM Insight/ Founder

"Chris Nardoni is hands down the best physical trainer I have ever worked with. His attention to detail is amazing. He always kept me on track and motivated to get better and stronger every day. He has always managed his team like a fine oiled machine and the proof is in the results. I highly recommend Chris Nardoni and Reside Health & Fitness."

Danielle / Executive Assistant

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